Wraps for terries

We have brought a mix of Tots Bots and terry squares. I was just wondering what wraps anyone used if they use terry nappies as all I can find are the cheap plastic pants... the kind my mum used on me 30 years ago! Is there anything better any one can recommend me?


  • I think it s was bedhead (sry if im wrong) who recommended these mother-ease wraps. Here is a link http://www.kittykins.co.uk/wraps/type/2/brand/mother-ease

    I accidentally ordered 3 poppers and 1 aplix by mistake. The man emailed and asked if i meant to do this. I didnt, so I phoned him up and he recommended the poppers over the aplix as children can pull the aplix ones undone as they got older. He was really good with advice as he uses terrys with his own children. You can also get them in a number of different colours and patterns.

    sorry for the waffle and hope this helps image xxx
  • It does help... thanks very much!
  • i am using terries nappies and i have got cotton bottom wraps for them. i havent used them yet as not due for 3 days but my friend recomended them and has used them on her son.
    hope it helps
  • I use both terries & Tots Bots Bamboozles nappies & I use Nature Babies popper fastening wraps over them...I've found them the best wraps & most cute for their designs (I'm totally addicted to patterned wraps!), I bought my lastest batch of wraps from 'Twinkle on the web' & they were very helpful when purchasing/ordering etc. so I'd recommend their site.
    Check out my LO's 'Day at the Zoo' wrap: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=671939&l=3d05a&id=742111869

    I got 4 of these & they all differ slightly.

  • I love your lo's wraps frags_jones! so cute!
    I added you on fb - just to let you know so you know i'm not a cyber weirdo - pic is a tiny one of me in a purple and black stripy hat

    Me - i just have boring plain white little lambs wraps but they do the job.
  • lol Kia I've added you!
    ...I put my love of the patterned ones down to a 'becoming a mummy addiction' I seem to spend more nowadays but can justify nappy wraps as they are for a good cause! lol! & I've treated myself to some patterned Fuzzi Bunz for bb no.2.

  • I used Motherease Airflow wraps (the ones with poppers). These worked brilliantly over Tots Bots and terry squares. If, however, you're just using the squares as a pad you'll need Motherease Rikki wraps (with velcro) as these have a gusset in them to help hold the nappy in place. Try www.lizziesrealnappies.co.uk - very helpful!
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