Swine Flu

Hi everyone! Good to be back on here lol!!

Anyway, I work in a school and one of the members of staff has just been diagnosed with Swine Flu. Now I am not actually back at work but have been popping in a few times this week and my Mum works there. She has been in contact with the member of staff who has got swine flu.

Now I know that ds or anyone could catch swine flu anywhere but does anyone know the affect it has on babies? Anyone's LOs had swine flu? Any ideas on how to decrease his chances of getting it? Just a bit worried seeing as 2 people have jsut died from it in my area.

Thanks and I know I am being a little over paranoid!


  • Just wanted to say that those that have died, 99% have underlying health conditions that even the normal flu would have caused a similiar outcome.

    Also, if it's anything like how it was last year, doctors in my area were pretty much diagnosing all flu as swine flu 'just in case'. All you can do is keep up with good handwashing hygiene and keep away from people who are ill, but other than that, there's not really anything I don't think.
  • They are offering flu vaccinations to the vulnerable; pregnant, new mums, etc. Not sure about babies though... Maybe best asking your gp? X
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