for those who have had their usernames changed and wants their old ones back

i have a way of doing it!

mine was changed so all i did was changed the first letter to a capital S and hey presto i'm back to being sleepybeccie.

give it a try! you wont see if its worked till you post so use this thread to try


beccie x


  • I tried that with mine (and other random caps combinations) but it wouldn't let me so ended up having to keep adding xxxx's on lol. Obviously have a common choice image
  • Im actually shocked that someone had my user name! Had to put a silly uk on the end... bar hum bug!
  • hhhmmmm I had an email saying mine was having a UK at the end but when I signed in it was the same so here is me testing it....
  • UK!!! WHoop Whoop!!!
  • MrsNo Name...could you change the UK to a kiss??? MrsNoNamex??
  • I have an old username I used on yayw... But I can't change it back to what it was... Not even with capitals image
  • Just a thought that as occured to me - if they have merged with YAYW and they are saying user names are already being used are they not being used by the same person but this site is thinking they are two different people hence why it is saying the username is in use by someone else?

    That probably doesn't make much sense but it does in my head :lol:
  • No because I had a different user name on YAYW and they are now the same I am really ****** off about it. This is a complete balls up!
  • Hi there,

    the user database uses your email as the unique key, which means that if you have a YYW and a BX account with the same name it has been merged.

    However we have not just merged with YYW, but joined a wider Hearst network of sites in the UK, which will explain why there are a few duplicate usernames.

    sorry for the trouble.
  • Mrs Calopa, this makes perfect sense to me, I was just thinking the same!

    MinnieAndMillie (AKA Minnie128!)
  • I never use capitals in user names so wouldn't have thought to check this!! They actually put a capital in my user name so tried getting rid of that and the stupid UK but it whinged at me because it doesn't like user names of less than 4 characters.. but I think I got rid of the stupid UK and capital K
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