Different water causing diarrhea?

We've just come over to Ireland for Christmas and we come from a hard water area, they have spring water on tap and it's very soft. We have been using the tap water (boiled) for Sophie's formula feeds since yesterday morning and this evening she has had two very runny poo's. She usually goes every other day or at most once a day, she had one poo earlier which was firmer but that makes 3 poos in one day which is unheard of.

Does anyone know if a change of water due to being in a different place can cause diarrhea?

I'm not sure what we'll do if it continues as we're in the middle of nowhere and snowed in, and not registered around here for a Dr, starting to worry a little!

She is fine in herself and has been very cheerful most of the day, I've checked her temperature and it's fine, the only other thing is that she has a bit of a stuffy nose (husband had a cold last week so wondering if she's getting that).

Anyway, this is a bit rambled really, I'm such a worrier at the best of times - let alone when snowed in somewhere! If anyone has any advice I'd much appreciate it.

Kat & Sophie (3 months) x


  • I think the change in the water can cause a wee bit of GI upset, but this should settle within a few days as she gets used to it. Our LO had the same thing when we went over to the `west coast of scotland from the east coast. If she is well in herself, is peeing lots and is eating ok, I would just keep an eye on her. I doubt the doc would do much at this stage, unless the loose bowels got worse and/or she became unwell/dehydrated.

    Have a wonderful christmas - I love Ireland! x
  • We had something similar when DD was younger and we were on hols. It is more than possible that a change of water can cause tummy problems I believe. Keep an eye on her and like impatient says, as long as she isn't dehydrated and unwell with a temperature then it is likely this is the reason for her loose bowels.

    The next time we went away we took tap water from home bottled up with us to use for making up bottles!

    Hope she is okay and it's nothing more than the change of water for you x
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