Infacol or Gripe Water

My LO has always had wind issues! Originally we tried infacol as you can use it from birth but we didn't find it helped her to burp. When she was old enough we tried gripe water and found that it did help her to burp. After a while we started using it less and less and LO seemed to be able to burp herself. Now the problem is trapped wind at the other end!! She strains and strains and it seems a real effort to get anything out! Has anyone used both infacol and gripe water for this reason and found one to work better than the other, or is it just one of those things that varies from baby to baby? I'd be interested to hear what other people have found. Infacol is easier to give as it comes with the dropper and we have to give gripe water with a syringe (LO is 11 weeks and won't take a spoon!)



  • Hiya

    We have had terrible wind issues with lo. We did try gripe water but it didnt agree with her.We also tried cool boiled water in a syringe. She is BF and wont accept a bottle so we couldnt put the cool boiled water in there.I also ended up massaging her tummy carefully which works super!!Her wind will pass eventually.
  • Thanks for the reply! My LO is also breastfed. She has had bad digestive problems but after seeing an osteopath these are much better now but we still have the wind issues. I'll give the boiled water in a syringe a try.

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