Is my LO teething?

Hi everyone - I have googled some of the symptoms my LO is experiencing but thought I would see what my trusted ladies at BE thought.

Logan is almost 12 weeks now. FOr last few days (more noticeable from last night really) he has had:

Constantly having fist or anything else in mouth (this been going on for a while though) although last day or two dummy doesn't seem to be satisfying him as much. Even grabbed my hand and sucked on it.

Red cheeks - they look a little bit swollen too. Although, they are a bit dry also which I wouldn't have associated with teething.

Drooling alot (although this too has also been going on for a while).

Last night he wooke up at midnight and had a good cry - nothing we did would calm him down. It took a good half an hour to settle him. He was fine after that and slept normally.

From about tea time yesterday he was probably a bit more fussy than normal - took a while to settle after doing a poo up his back lol.

I THINK his bottome gums look slightly white but couldn't see properly.

What do you think girls? If it is teething what can I do to comfort him? How long does it last? WHat else can I expect?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hiya, it does sound like teething, try Vaseline on his cheeks for the dryness, my lo gets this too.

    I use Ambesol on her gums which is in a little bottle behind the counter at boots, brill, try it on your gum! Dentenox teething gel too & Ashton and parsons teething powders.

    My lo has been teething for a few mo Tha and no teeth have yet come through ??????! X
  • Thanks for your reply Mrs G.

    He seems much more settled today but have been out and bought him some teething stuff - some TT teething dummy things aswell. Managed to get a good look in his mouth earlier and there is definitely something going on in there!

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