Need to see the doctor for a rattly chest?

Hi Ladies,

In our family, at least one of us has had a cold for about a few months now and it's LOs turn again! This time though, her breath often sounds quite rattly and when she coughs (not often in the day), it's a really chesty sounding cough.

She seems fine in herself and her temperature is ok, although her appetite is down slightly and she has a small rash on her front (nothing scary looking, I believe it's common when they have a virus).

I don't like to be the paranoid, neurotic mum but at the same time I am those things!! One of her friends has been diagnosed with Bronchiolitis which from my Googling I see is a common thing which required no treatment but it is contagious and I worry because it mentions prematurity being a risk factor. Now my daughter is a healthy 10 month old baby, but she was born at 35 weeks and in SCBU for breathing difficulties...hence my concern now.

What would you mums do? See it out or take her to the docs for her chest to be checked and risk them laughing at my paranoia?!




  • i would be safe rather than sorry, this close to christmas id get her to the gp just incase she needs antibiotics. x
  • I would never say don't take lo to the doctors. I have done myself just to get James's chest checked. But I have been told that if you can feel the chest rattling (as I did), then the gunk was loose and not on his chest.

    If it will put your mind at rest, then go to the doctors. Then you can relax a little more over Christmas.

    My friend's lo had bronchiolitis and she was bringing up her milk, as well as having laboured breathing. She was quite poorly with it, although only 4 weeks old.

    Hope lo is better soon, James has had one thing after another too. xx
  • I would definitely take her for peace of mind.

    My lo sounded rattly a couple of months ago at around 4 monhs old, although seemed ok otherise (she had had a cold though, her first one at 9 days old grrr). The GP was really good and checked her chest and she was given the all clear - the GP said it can be sometimes that some mucus/milk etc sits on the chest/throat and isn't quite cleared so not to worry.

    However, if in doubt I would say go and get her chest listened to, no-one is going to think you're neurotic! (unless you get a Christmas card from your surgery as they know you so well? heehee)

  • Millie has the same thing, I called the gp to check and she said it sounded like bronchiolitis, but to take her in to check. She checked that her lungs weren't affected and that the chesty cough only came from the top of her chest. She also checked her heart rate. She didn't prescribed anything but told me what to look out for if it gets worse.

    I'd say take her, as doctors never think people are wasting their time if it's a lo, as they can get worse really quickly. If you are worried about being seen as a time wasted, give thema ring first and ask if they think you should take her in.
  • My DS had the same thing a few weeks ago, and he did need antibiotics. He was also given paediatric pholcodeine linctus to help his cough as it was making him sick and he was getting no sleep. Worked a treat. Nobody will think you're paranoid for taking your baby to the docs if she's not well, so best get her checked out!
  • The reason I don't want to take her down straight away is that she doesn't have a cough as such, she's not coughing throughout the day it's just sometimes it catches when she cries or eating/drinking etc and when she coughs it's really chesty sounding. But her breath is pretty rattly most of the day. So this morning I called to request a phone call from the doctor to see what they think if they want to see her or not. Thankfully I live almost over the road from our doctors so makes getting her over there if needs be easier in the snow!

    Thanks for your replies ladies. I have only taken her into docs twice in 10 months and both times was right to do so but I personally hate the doctors and avoid at all costs!

  • I go to the drs quite a lot with LO! i've said i'm sorry if you think i'm a neurotic mother but they always say they don't mind, it never takes long to check them out and they can go downhill so quickly it's better to catch things early.

    if they think i'm neurotic i can live with it. i always take lo to dr if i'm not sure.

    i would always err onthe side of caution.
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