Maxi cosi cabriofix advice for 6 month old please?

Hi ladies,

i know i said i would boycott this site but i am trying to persevere with it lol...

anyway Megan was 6 months on the 17th (scary!) and i was wanting to ask advice on maxi cosi seats - we have a cabriofix and isofix base.

Megan has always been a big girl she is now 98th centile for weight 91st for length (has always followed 91st for both but with weaning she has put a little more than normal on but is starting to cut back on her milk so not too worried about this) anyway she is a little 'chunky monkey' as i affectionately call her :lol:

as a result of this we took the wedge part out of the back of the seat when she was about 12 weeks i think as she was so squashed looking as her wee legs were hitting off the back seat - i kept the head hugger in and im not sure whether i should remove this now and wondered what you other ladies did?

she is soooo squashed looking in it (even with no hat on) and doesnt look comfortable at all - i have the straps as tight as they can go but have noticed sometimes she leans her head forward in the car which doesnt look comfortable and worries me if there was an accident and i dont know if this is because she is soo squashed and its the hugger thats pushing her head out (if that makes sense?) as she isnt a wriggler and is generally good in the car and goes to sleep however if i tool the head hugger out would this be safe in an accident?

she is almost 19lbs which worries me a bit as they say you need forward facing car seat about 9kg fo they not (she is 8.6!)thats a worry and the other thing is she is sooo long her legs now hit of the back seat again - again not looking comfy so would removing the head hugger help this or would it not make any difference?

Argh please tell me some of you are int he same situation with bigger/longer babies and tell me what you do and how safety is etc! sorry for the waffle! i also hope this works as its my 1st post since the site went crappy!


P.s We were at baby sensory the other day and there was a baby just turned one still in her cabriofix (comfortabley) as she is quite small - megan is about the same size as her eekk! (though to be fair the baby has always been smaller and on smaller centiles etc)


  • Hey sweets,

    We removed the head huggers as soon as the boys could support their heads well themselves. For us this was about 4 months ish I think as they took a while to be able to hold their own heads well enough. I personally didnt think the head huggers would do much in an accident, but were there mainly for comfort when babies were small.

    With regards to forward facing (I realise this isnt what youre asking but thought I would say anyway!) The boys were just gone 10 months and were just at the weight limit (they were on the smaller side anyway) but even the shortest car journeys were a nightmare after 8 months. I perservered with the aid of mirrors/toys/anything else I could find until they were big enough.

    Their main issue wasnt not being able to see but 8 months ish seemed to be the point when they began to suffer from separation anxiety, not from me, but from eachother, and the sides of the maxicosi were so high that they couldnt see eachother! They would scream from the moment we put them in the car!

    HTH hun, and glad to see you back. I must admit, I havent posted/been on as much since the change xx
  • My dd will be 6 months on the 29th and is between 50th and 75th centile for weight (not sure abut length) and we removed the head hugger a few weeks ago. I was struggling to physically get her into the seat with it in, and like you say it was making her lean her head forwards, which I didn't think was safe. As long as she has good head control I'd say it's fine to remove it now - it can be easily removed so I'm sure it's not intended to be used for as long as the seat itself.

    Also, you don't have to go forward facing at 9kg - it's that you shouldn't go forward facing before 9kg. If you are concerned that she's outgrowing her seat, you can buy seats that are rear and forward facing and can be used until age 4 (rear facing until 18 months) - I believe the Concord Ultimax has some good reviews. Leg length isn't an issue, although baby might look a bit uncomfortable, as long as her head doesn't come over the top of the seat she's still safe. A friend of mine said she went forward facing as her little boy was actually pouching the car seat away from the back of the seat with his feet (if that makes any sense) - but I don't think she could do that if you've got Isofix.
  • Sunflower - that reminds me, while Ryans head was just over the top of the seat, they were both pushing on the back and, no with isofix you cant push away from the seat but they were pushing themselves up in the seat, no matter how tight we did the straps! lol
  • Thanks ladies....

    i took the head hugger out today (have been meaning to for a while as she was soo squashed) and it made perfect sense although im still worried about her head in an accident (touch wood) she has had very strong head control for a few months.

    that means she can sit slightly higher in the seat so her legs a bit further back (the head hugger rasied to squish her head in i think was making her lean foreard more and pushing down on her so was prob more dangerous) she looked more comfortable today anyway.

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