Bes bottles for reducing colic?

Hi ladies, just needing your opinions on what bottles you think are best for reducing colic/wind?

DS2 is 4 weeks old and is currently on Avent bottles. He doesn't suffer as such with severe colic but he does have trouble bringing up his wind, he is on Infacol which seems to help slightly, but he doesn't always burp when winded (even after being winded for 20 minutes or so), I have tried winding with him sat on my knee, over me shoulder, tilting his little body and laid over my knee but he just wont part with it! He then ends up with tummy ache and really whiney. I then have to try winding him again and he eventually brings up a little bit but not enough as he ends up with hiccups! So I was thinking that if I can use a bottle that reduces the air intake then perhaps he is less likely to suffer as will have less wind to bring up.

I tried TT and Dr Browns with DS1 and wasn't overly impressed, but if any of you have tried them, or any others, and had success I will be happy to hear your stories as I hate seeing my little man suffering.

Thank you.

Sam, Harrison & Daniel



  • I used Gripe water, as found it brought wind up easier with DS1 and he didn't need as much everyday. (You can use it from 1 month old)

    Otherwise, I've heard VERY good reviews from people who use MAM bottles, and they have a sale on at the moment; quote; DEC25 for 25% off.

    I've just ordered some in the hope that my DS2 takes to them and eats more!!

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks Hun will have a look image

  • Yep - a combo of Doc Brown bottles and gripe water worked miracles.
  • Hi,

    My little girl had real problems getting wind up and had similar symptoms to what you describe. We moved onto Aptimil Comfort formula, which is much thicker, meaning less air is taken in. We also sat her on our knee, facing us, and then twisted her from left to right to wind her. The supernanny book recommended it and for us it's a winner - we get burps every time. We also feed her so she is sitting upright, instead of lying back. I can second getting a wedge for her cot, although that helped her reflux rather than wind.

    Hope some of that helps xxx
  • I second Aptamil Comfort and MAM bottles they were fab for our DD who really struggled with wind. We also used Dentinox colic drops in her feeds and they helped too (she spat infacol out!) x
  • Thank you so much ladies, you have all been a great help. I have ordered som MAM bottles to try, so will see how he goes when they arrive, though I don't hold out much hope that they will arrive this side of Xmas.

    Thank you again and will be trying some of your tips image
  • Also hun have u tried winding 2 or 3 times during a feed i wind my lol 5 -6 times during a bottle i use infacol which is the best for my lo.

    Comfort milk didnt suit my lo it made him very unsettled.

    But worth a try!!

    I wind baby in upright position first then do the hula hoop which is when u gently move lo as if he is doin the hula hoop. lol

    Or baby sit ups and then i try on the shoulder pat and rub. If still no burp i slide lo dwn abit frm shoulder which naturally brings his legs up to his chest and rub. Usually a burp will come.

    If not you can place baby on knees and rub gently.

    Gosh it sounds like a right work out doesnt it!!

  • I ordered mine Sunday afternoon and am praying mine arrive this week!!

    Hope yours do too! xx
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