Aggressive baby

Hi everyone

My little boy is 15 months old and has recently started getting aggressive and a bit vicious. If he's in a bad mood or he's tired, he's started grabbing my hair and face. He really digs his nails into my face and he will not let go. My face is a real mess with him. He's also started biting.

Has anyone else had this? and what did you do about it? I really don't know what to do with him.

Any help would be great! I feel like i'm doing something wrong image


Jess xx


  • My LO is one in a few days and although she isn't aggressive as such, but she throws the most almightly tantrums when she can't do/have something she wants! Banging fists on the floor and everything!!!!

    I had read that the best think to do is ignore. If they are in danger then to move them to a safe area and then wait for them to calm down and then tell them 'no'.

    Good luck xxx
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