Good Holiday for a 16-18mth old?

Am just wondering what type of holiday would be good for us this year and was hoping for some suggestions etc !! DD is currently 13 mths, very active, doesn't sit still for a minute and walking all over the place. Last year when she was only 6 mths we did a cottage in wales and did the normal sight seeing and she just came in buggy or carrier and was happy as larry - but I can't see her wanting to do these things now if you know what I mean....!!! Any suggestions or advice would be great as I am sooo stuck for ideas ..! P.S Happy New Year to you all... S XX


  • how about doing a eurocamp or similar holiday.

    we're taking our what will be 9 month old in June in a mobile home.

    there are loads of sites that have facilities for toddlers and there are sites which have been specifically picked for that purpose. there are kids clubs and some

    of them do swimming lessons - all for free!
  • I'm a big fan of Centre Parcs! x
  • how about a cruise....they cater soooooo well for ships are not full of old people as they used to be....

    I've been on one (before DS was here) and I loved being around the pool and seeing the kids in the kids club all dressed up as pirates, on their way to the bridge to capture the captain.......was very good !!!!

    only thing is that you may be stuck in your cabin in the evening if you need to get DD to bed !!!!

    DLAM xxx
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