Hi ladies,

My little man always had hiccups when I was pregnant with him, and we are finding that he had them again after almost every feed. He brings up his wind with no problem at all after the 1st half of his bottle, but after the second half it's much mopre difficult and then he ends up getting hiccups. We find that he starts to get sleepy after the first half of his bottle so usually change his nappy to wake him again so that's he's awake for the rest of his bottle but like I say bringing up his wind is much more difficult. Has anyone else's LO's been like this and if so what did you do? Or does anyone have any ideas on how else I can prevent them?




  • Most newborn babies get hiccups often.

    Especially around a feed as they can't control the air that they intake very well and it causes hiccups.

    Often it concerns us more than them...

    Regards to feeding, I'd persevere with the second half the bottle... changing a nappy half way through and really chatting to him, maintaining eye contact.

    When getting wind up, I'd try a different position to the first one you tried. Maybe laying him on his front on your knees, and rubbing his back... or making bicycle motion with his legs, rubbing circles on his tum?

    Good luck xx
  • Bloody hiccups!! its horrible to watch babies have them. DD is just over 5 months and has them at least twice a day. Babbling and giggling bring them on with her now.

    When she was small she used to really gulp her milk fast and we ended up using an anti colic insert in the bottle (Tommee Tippee) to slow it down. She didnt handle hiccups well when she was tiny but is now used to them and happily sits there hiccuping lol. x
  • Erin used to get them loads when she was tiny, about ten times a day! I spent a lot of time on Google checking to make sure they weren't a problem and everything I found said this was normal and they would decrease as she got older.

    Sure enough at nearly six months she rarely gets them now.

    Congrats by the way! xx
  • A really useful post as my little man also gets them alot, bless him, thank you for your tips xx
  • Thanks for the tips, I'll give them a go. They don't seem to bother him really, but I don't like to see him with them as I'm sure they must be irritating for him.

  • hiccups, perfectly normal...ds used to get them loads as a newborn, now at 21months he rarely does, but if he gets super 'laughy' then he gets hiccups...dd (3weeks) was also getting hiccups every feed (and in between), but she's now down to 2-3 times a day...it's just their digestive systems are not very mature yet, as they get older their diaphragms etc can cope better so the hiccups get less ....hth xx
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