tips for a cough?

Dd is 25 wks and has developed a throaty cough today, she is feeding normally and has no temp so going to wait a few days and see if it passes as she seems happy enough - just wondered bar Karvol/Vapour rub, can I give her anything to help a scratchy throat? xx


  • I think you can use Karvol as long as it's put on something that's well out of baby's reach but I'm not sure.

    My hv told me to put some vicks in a bowl of boiling water in his room when ds2 had a cough/cold. It did seem to soothe him a bit. As did taking him into the steamy bathroom while I had a shower.
  • Sorry, just realised i didn't read the op properly. Not heard of any other remedies for a sore throat, just plenty of fluids. Maybe some extra water to drink?
  • Have you tried putting a wet towel over the radiator in her room? It seems to help Abby when she has a cough and a scratchy throat. xxx
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