Anyone fall pg after taking MAP

A couple of months ago OH and I had a bit of an accident on a Saturday night - I figured that since I was fully bf our 2 month old we'd be ok but by the Monday I panicked and got the MAP. The following weekend I had a bit of spotting for a couple of days but not heavy enough to call a period. I've had no bleeding since then but still bf so not expecting AF really.

For the past month I've been feeling really nauseous, more emotional and even more tired (if that's possible with a small baby anyway) and I have started to worry a bit.

Surely though with taking the MAP and exclusively bf I couldn't be preggers again? Has anyone fallend pg under those circumstances?

I've turned into a daft teenager and I'm refusing to take a test in case I don't like what it says!!


  • tbh i wouldnt expect you to be pregnant if you are bf every 3-4 hours covering the whole 24 hours a day and with taking the MAP but the only way to know for sure is to test. your hormones will still be settling after having a baby as this can take some time! so that may account for how you are feeling PLUS with worrying!!

    take a test-not taking it wont change the outcome.

    hope you get the answer you want xx
  • Thanks! It is unlikely isn't it? I feel reassured.

    I partly don't want to take the test because if I leave it a bit longer to find out (if I am pg) then it's an easier decision to make if you know what I mean. Plus I'm not drinking or doing anything naughty that I'd need to cut out anyway so no damage to my imaginary baby.
  • i am bfing and ebf for 6 months and didnt get af until she was 5 and a half months old. bfing is very effective if you are not skipping feeds / mix feeding.
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