Those with electronic mobiles...

My little girl was given an electronic mobile for Christmas, and I've just been putting it up. I had it all built, but the last instruction says that the unit bit (the bit with the buttons etc, as opposed to the arm bit) has to be at least 7 inches above the mattress. Our little girl is only 16 weeks so is still on the highest setting of the cot, so there is only about 1 inch between the mattress and the unit of the cot mobile.

I can't understand why we would need the big gap - is it for her banging her head? She is only just starting to roll on her side.

What have you ladies done?

It's a fisher price electric cot mobile.

Thanks ladies xxx


  • Hi Ruckie,

    I've no idea what the correct answer is, but my only thought is that maybe it's a volume thing? There's no volume switch on ours and to me it seems really loud so when the mattress was on the high setting it was real close to her and therefore her ears which I wasn't a fan of? Other than that I'm not sure? My LO soon learned how to turn hers on though so I'd often know she was awake from her nap because I'd hear the music coming through the monitor!

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