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I just wondered when people's LO's made their transition form 3 to 2 naps. I think my LO, who is 30 wks, is trying to do this and I'm finding it hard to read when he wants his afternoon nap. Morning nap is not a problem, generally needs this 2- 21/2 hrs after waking. I've heard that the transition can be difficult with some babies. If anyone has any advice would be appreciated.

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  • hiya,

    i cant really offer you any advice but just want to say that we have been on 2 naps for about a month now (dd 29 weeks) and she is fine with this and sleeps through - she goes down between 7.30 and 8pm and sleeps til between 8 and 9am. (recently teething has disrupted this a bit)

    She naps same as your lo 2-2.5hrs after she gets up for 30-40mins and then in the afternoon (now) she naps for 30-60mins (if im lucky) and thats her. she used to have a 20min nap about 5ish and she just stopped having that missing a night here and there then it stopped - bedtime used to be nearer 8.30 by the time we were fitting all her feeds in but since getting on to 3 meals/3 bottles i brought bedtime forward but i dont think that made any difference to be honest as she stopped wanting a nap when bedtime was still later.

    if we are going to a baby group then her naps are a bit all over the place as she will nap the 15mins in the car and 15mins back and have her afternoon nap so 3 naps but for the same amount of time. if we go out in the car she'll have extra/longer naps due to being in the car but if we're at the shops or out somewhere she is awake the whole time - i've never had set nap times or a strict routine so it all alters slightly each day (say by half an hour or so) but that suits us.

    Sorry im waffling away - hopefully your lo will drop the nap with no probs as we didnt have any.

  • i was wondering this too as my lo's naps seem all over the place. She used to sleep about 1 1/2 to 2 hours after each meal but now she seems to stay awake longer. Although she is usually quite grunpy buy the time she sctaully needs a nap! Freya is exactly 7 months now - not sure what that is in weeks
  • Your babies NAP?

  • Thanks ladies. Olly is 6 1/2 months, will be 7 months on the 16th. Yesterday he only had 2 naps and managed form 2- 7pm with no nap! He was so tuggered out but wasn't really ratty. He closed his little eyes with his bedtime bottle which he hasn't done for ages!! Was quite sweet seeing him having a sleepy cuddle with daddy. Today has gone abit out of the window because we have been swimming and had to wake him from his morning nap. He's been asleep nealry an hour now so think I'll just offer him a nap after baby group this afternoon.

    Thanks for your advice girls. Certainly think he's happy on 2 naps now!! image image
  • Today he cried for about 5 mins for his morning nap but so far he hasn't woken so he's had over an hour. I nearly went in to him but then he just went quiet!! Hoping the new nap routine is starting to work. He also slept until 7.30am this morning which he hasn't done since October lol!
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