Head banging

Hi everyone.

DS is one year this month. Since about 6 months when he started crawling he has regularly had episodes where he rocks to and forth on all fours, more recently with accompanying rhythmic humming noise which can be quite loud! he often just stops and does it in the middle of playing, and then after a minute or so goes back to what he is doing! In the last couple of months when he goes to bed or is stirring after naps he rocks in his cot and moves close to the head or the foot so he is banging his head repeatedly against it. Often I am tempted to move him as he can bang quite forcefully, its hard to believe it doesnt hurt him!

I've read some reassuring stuff on netmums that it is common, harmless and they quickly outgrow it, but I've never heard anyone else mention it and just wondered if anyone elses LO did this and at what age?

Thanks ladies



  • I don't knwo if its the same thing but I took my daughter to the doctors when she was about 8 months old because she kept nodding - it had been going on for a while and was really worrying me.

    I got there, the doctor very kindly listened to my concerns and sure enough N started nodding at the window. The doctor straightened her face and said "I expect it just feels nice or makes her view a bit strange!" She was absolutely right and sure enough N stopped doing it when she got bored of it.

    I'm not trying to dismiss your worries and if it does bother you then a trip to the doctor will do no harm at all, but babies and children are strange sometimes!

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