tips pleaseeeee a tierd mummy

hiya my little boy is 2 he usualy sleeps very good goes to bed at 7:30 and goes straight to sleep and sleeps right through until 7ish, but he woke up last week screamin i think he had a bad dream as he was tryin to explain to me what happened but since he hasnt wanted to go to bed at all and screams hystericaly!! the other night took about 2 hours!! and last night he woke up about 5am crying callin me, what can i do????



  • He could be having night terrors hun. My dh suffered with them for years as a toddler and would often wake up screaming hysterically. Have you tried asking him what's wrong? I know it's difficult at your ds's age but might be worth a try. Also if he doesn't have a light on it could be worth leaving him one on so if he wakes it's a little less scary?

    Sorry I don't really know what else to suggest other than talk to your hv.

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