Head shaking

I realise its normal and many babies do it, but does anybody know why my 7 week old shakes his head from side to side a lot? Its when he's just sitting, minding his own business, not when I'm trying to feed or play with him.


  • Hi

    my daughter is 13 weeks old and has been doing this for a while, she seems to do it when she is getting hungry or has a little trapped wind

    hope this helps xx
  • it does, thanks!
  • My Ds has been doing this for a while now and is 7 months. Didn't know it was trapped wind, thought he had the hump with me! Haha xxx
  • My 8 month old has started doing this in the past couple of days - mainly when she's in the highchair and also when I've been changing her nappy. She's been ill and I wondered if she may have had an earache / infection but the doctors couldn't see anything yesterday. So I'm not sure what it is.
  • My little boy (7 months) does it when he's tired
  • My ds (8 months) does it when he's tired too x
  • my 10 month old went through a phase of doing it all the time, I was worried he could have an ear inection or something but when I phoned to spoke to HV she said it was normal and that he probably just liked the slightly dizzy feeling he got when he did it x he doesn't do it as much now so seemed to stop after a few weeks x x
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