DS2 will be arriving in around 7 weeks now and DH and I just can't decide on a name, we already have a Sonny, I liked Woody But DH didn't, and his cousin just had a baby and called it that, so that had put me off it, at the moment we have:




that we can sort of argee on but are still not really grabbing me.

What did you call your baby boys?


  • My little man is called Leighton x
  • I have a Harrison (am sick of people asking if he's named after the actor, grrrrr!) and a Daniel. I love Stanley and Marshall but dh hated them. Also quite like Archie, Franklin (frank for short), Benedict, Boston, Devan and Bradford, dh hated the last three as he said they're just places, not names.

  • my little boy is called Rafferty, we also liked Noah and Flynn,

  • My son is called Ethan - also on the shortlist were Dylan, Luca, Gabriel and Noah.
  • My little man is called Dylan.

    I'm 19 weeks pregnant now and am convinced I am having another boy, we also like Ethan, Archie, Caleb, Reuben and Noah.
  • My son is called Henry with James as the middle name. We also liked the name Will.

  • we have a jacob and if this ones a boy it will be either elijay, noah or issac
  • My DS1 is Damien and my DS2 is Dominic
  • Our DS is called Ellis. Our other favourites were Freddie, Frankie and Joshua. I loved Sonny and Hubby loved Ralph. If we were to have another boy our favourite at the moment is Henry xxx
  • our ds is Austin, had our dd been a boy we would've had Reuben or Tristan, i also love Leighton and Heston x
  • Our two DS's are Louis (said Lewis) and Theo.

    IF I'm permitted by hubby to have another, and IF its a boy, I like Max, Daniel and Ethan xx
  • Hi

    My wee boy is called Daniel, it was either Daniel or Calum for us. X
  • We have an Albert! Henry is his middle name. I just love the old fashioned names. We chose Albert over Arthur and Henry but obviously used Henry as his middle name.

    Oh it's a hard one isn't it!!

    Good luck with your new arrival

  • my Lo is called Tobias Reuben - Tobey, also liked Dylan and sebastian when preggers.
  • Our little man is Alexander but we always call him Alex - when he hates it as a teenager he can always change it to zane if he wants :lol:

    on our shortlist were Ethan, Elliott and I also like Issac And hubby nathan x
  • My boy is called Sidney & we use Sid for short so obviously I love your choice for that hehe! We always get people commenting on how lovely the name is!

    I also love Stanley (but not keen on stan) and reggie! And also fond of Ronnie & Ted! X
  • I know a Stanley, and think its a great name!

    My boy is named Shea Michael
  • MummaJ I hope you don't think I am a nutcase but when Henry was about 3 months old I took him to see a locum GP at our surgery who had a son of the same age and said that he was called Albert with Henry for the middle name but that they had chosen Albert instead of Arthur!

    The only reason it stuck in my mind was because he also had a daughter the same age as Neve who had the same coat. I don't suppose your husband is a GP lol!

  • I have twins Aaron Stanley and Riley Jack and my older son is Cole Sean .

    I found boys name so difficult, good luck xx
  • My little man is Charlie George. It's the only one we could agree on but my preferences would have been:





    I love Sidney by the way.
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