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Our travel system pram is quite big so we're looking for a decent but cheap stroller to use if we're going shopping or away for an overight stay and need space in the boot for all Aila's stuff. I've been loking of Kiddicare and quite like the look of the Obaby Atlas stroller and they are a decent price, I have also been told that ASDA usually do a good one in there baby event I think by Hauck?! Does anyone have either of these or can anyone recommend an alternative? I'm looking for something lightweight, folds small but would like a reclining one with hood (otherwise i'd go for an extra cheapie ??10 stroller!)


  • wanna buy a zia petite star 3? its pink lol?

  • lol Lauz!!!

    I have the Obaby in "vintage noir" from Kiddicare.

    I used it through summer for ds1 as the SilverCross 3d was fairly bulky.

    I like it, its nice and light, easy to push and very compact.

    It fits well behind the front two seats under kids feet in the car.

    Good for the price too... as it does lie flat sso if your holidaying, and having a late night - you can lay LO down cover them over and they can sleep!! xx
  • lol no thanks Lauz! don't want pink anyway in case Aila has a wee brother in the future image

    thanks sarah I am really tempted by the atlas it sounds like it folds nicely if you can fit it in your back footwell! its a good price too - the one in ASDA was only ??25 last baby event though
  • wanna buy a zia petite star 3? its pink lol? :lol:

    As you know, we fly between Edinburgh and London quite a lot so I have a lightweight stroller both here and at my mum's. Here I have the M&P Nuna which is so, so light. Has swivel wheels, reclines, folds ridiculously compact and does have a hood (although it's not massively deep). I got it for ??99 including raincover (that's how much they are now as well in the M&P outlet at Livingston. THe only thing I don't like is that M seems to be quite low to the ground. I feel like she myst spend the whole time looking at people's ankles.

    For my mum's I picked up one of the Asda Hauck's and, for the money, it's brill. I picked it up for ??12.50 at the end of the last Baby Event so if you can sit it out you might bag a bargain x
  • lol if u see my other post you'll get why i said that image joke though....

    Megan has to have pink everything!! im not thinking of another one (possibly) til shes at least 3 though!

  • Anybody any idea whn the next Asda Baby Event is?! Hubby is not amused that we're going to buy a stroller if I pick one up for under ??20 he'd be happy..

    If I can wait until next baby event I might go for the Hauck even though the Obaby Atlas has lots of nice colours
  • Just read a thread in pregnancy saying she overheard workers in Asda saying it was next week. Not sure why they never advertise these things though! x
  • Hope it is next week - once I start looking I want to buy things asap I'll end up with the Obaby if the baby event isn't soon :lol:
  • Oooh hope it is... I can get stocking up on nappies and baby wipes!! image
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