Double pushchair reccomendations and flu injections


just found out i am expecting no2, was a bit of a shock but am pleased just scared freddie is only 7 months now so will be around 15 months when i am due, can anyone make any reccomendations for double pushchairs or tandems? do they do parent facing at all? was thinking at first maybe having a sling for the new baby and just using my normal pushchair?

also i am supposed to have the flu injection but would you have it with being the early stages of pregnancy think i am about 6 weeks.



  • Ahhh congratulations!!!

    I have 18 months between my two boys and I won't lie, it is very hard at times but now ds1 is used to having a little brother around, I am enjoying it all so much more.

    I have a phil and teds Dash, which I love!! But that isn't parent facing. I know a few are.

    No double is perfect though... and be prepared to have a good old hunt!!

    I'd advise getting out to somewhere like Mothercare world, or Kiddicare and trying LOADS out. Its the best way really, so you can see what your likes and dislikes are in person.

    Test your LO in it too. see how he likes them.

    Not sure on flu jab... but if it keeps you and baby safe - then maybe it'd be the way forward?

    Good luck hun xx
  • i have the icandy pear for my two (ds 21months and dd 3weeks, which is great, it can be parent facing, but slightly annoyingly when in singles mode, it can only be parent facing...has carry cot and can get adaptors for maxi cosi cabriofix's a tandem so shop doors are't a problem, but it is quite heavy...the only other ones that do all that are the icandy peach(lovely but at ??1k+ way too expensive) and the baby jogger city select (which was my second choice, but is a bit longer and i need to be able to get on buses etc as don't drive)...if u wanted a side by side then i think the first wheels one is fab, and the seats/carrycot can go both ways etc...i went to john lewis to have a look, they had loads of different doubles inc p&t, britax, first wheels, icandy , baby jogger etc etc that u can have a play with and compare them

    on the flu jab front, i had the fl jab when pregnant with dd, but it wans't available until i was alreday in the third trimester, so ahd itquite late on in pregnancy, i was totally fine, didn't feel grotty at all, it's completely up to u whether u have it early on...ideally i'd wait until i was out of the first trimester, but u need to way up the pros and cons, if u put off having it and then get flu etc? speak to ur gp if ur worried x

    oh and congratulations xx
  • I have baby jogger city select. Can get normal seat, car seat and carry cot and can have them in 16 different seating combinations including parent facing. It can be used as a single pram as well and has a huge basket and height adjustable handle. I love it as it's so versatile.

    Sam, Harrison & Daniel


    here's a link to the website so you can see some of the seating combinations
  • I have an i candy peach blossom. Very expensive and I don't think it's worth it!

    My twins were too big for the carry cots at 4 months (even tho they are small for their age). This was a problem as pushchair seats are not recommended before six months.

    They have just turned 6 months and they both HATE sitting in the back seat.

    I am now looking for another pushchair. I like he look of the Little Nipper 360 (a friend has recommended this) or the first wheels as this can be parent facing.
  • we will have 18 months between ours and are getting the icandy pear

    i will not be getting the vaccine as i am not happy about it, but each to thier own they say its safe in all trimesters and a lot in due in july have had it early on x
  • Congratulations on your news image Number 2 is due in 5 weeks, when lo will be 13 months. We've gone for the Baby Jogger City Select, as I love the versatility of it & the fact that it can be parent-facing.

    We've gone for a lie-flat car seat that can attach, instead of a carry cot as they're likely to be in the car seat for longer, iyswim? We're waiting on delivery, but I tried it out in the shop and was very impressed.

    Hubby suggested a sling for number 2 and push-chair for number 1, but it won't be him hauling bubs round everywhere-and I've a feeling it could be a nightmare as number 2 grows!

    As for the flu jab, I've not been offered it yet. I didn't have it last year with lo as I wasn't offered it until very late on then either, when I felt the risk was minimal. I was also unhappy with the information regarding risks to the baby.

    I don't think I'll be having it this time around either, partly because I'm so far on, and partly because I don't think it'll be offered any time soon. It's a very personal choice though. It seems to be quite prevalent this year...

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, and your decision xx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies,

    just had a look at the baby jogger city select and it looks great, i love it. going to have a good long think about it and try loads though, i have gone through 4 pushchairs with ds and i dont want to make the same mistake this time as they are sooo expensive,

    for anyone with the jogger city, i have seen that the wheels come off and it looks quite compact, but i only have an old style fiesta and i am hoping to find something that will ft in the boot, really can't afford a new car but if i have to i will, cant seem to find details of the folded dimensions?

    Thanks again for your replies

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