Dummy help!

Afternoon ladies

Really need some help regarding dummy's.

My ds2 is 7 weeks old on Sunday and currently has a newborn/0+ dummy. However, it is a cherry teat, which I hate as they damage the teeth (my niece had cherry and ds1 had orthadontic and her teeth are all over the place and ds1 has perfect teeth), and want to use the MAM orthadontic dummys, the problem is they don't do the 0-6 month ones in latex and ds2 will not have a silicone teat (can't blame him really, they don't feel very nice in your mouth), but he isn't overly keen on a cherry teat.

So, I was considering getting him the MAM 6+ month latex soothers and see how he goes on them, but what I wanted to know was if there is any particular reason I shouldn't? I.E. can it damage his mouth? is the teat actually that much bigger on them than a 0-6 month soother cos it certainly doesn't seem a great deal bigger? is there any medical reason etc?

I have tried him with one of ds1's latex orthadontic soothers and he loved it, took to it straight away and wouldn't spit it out, though once ds1 noticed it was one of his it was quickly whipped from his cake hole :lol:

Any help or advice will be much appreciated.

Sam, Harrison & Daniel

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