Rolling Over??

I was just wondering at what age everys little ones rolled over? xx


  • Front to back? DS at 8 weeks, DD at 9 months!
  • Aila was about 21 weeks for front to back - still doesn't go back to front!
  • Sophia was 19 weeks front to back, she's now 22 weeks and is no where near back to front!!! xxx
  • My little boy is 24 weeks tomorrow and has only just gone tummy to back yesterday, and to be honest I dont think he will be doing it again in a hurry, lol. Honestly dont worry about these sorts of things, by the time they go to school they are almost all at the same level. xxx
  • Was just wonderin really, my lil 1 is 12weeks next week n es started lying on his side then rolling back onto his back! x
  • g/c from toddler but just wanted to add that although my DD rolled over once at 24 weeks she didn't do it again until she was 1! She freaked if I ever tried to get her to roll! She crawled and walked etc fine so don't worry if you've got a non-roller! Some babies just don't want to do it!
  • my lo is 21 weeks and started rolling back to front earlier this week, is doing it pretty frequently, hwoever she rolled front to back about a month ago and has now forgotten how to (doh!) so not quite expecting it to stick yet!!
  • My DD has done it twice and is 7 1/2 months but can roll front to back either way, dd1 used to roll everywhere, I'm not sure what age, she's nearly 9 see, long time ago, lol x
  • my wee pudding is 6 months on Sunday and has rolled twice back to front, once front to back, a month ago, and never again! she's now trying to crawl though if you put her on her tummy and can sit unaided for up to 5 mins at a time so I guess she just doesn't fancy rolling lol!
  • Ds rolled back to front the day before he was 6 months then front to back the following day and hasn't stopped since!
  • oh well Kayssis there's hope for my pudding yet then!
  • my dd was just under 28 weeks before she rolled (both ways) she would roll on to her side but flop back and giggle like it was a game lol - shes been sitting upunaided since about 4.5 months - they are all different.

  • one of my twins rolled front to back at 3 months, He rolled back to front at 4.5.

    The other rolled front to back at 4 months and still can't roll back to front, but is trying hard!

    Both boys

  • dd1 was 9 months and dd2 was 13 weeks! funny how differant some children are. x
  • dd is 6 months on monday and could roll onto her side at birth!! But that seems to be her lot :lol: no sign of rolling we are only just getting happy tummy time lol!! She is very very long (around 99th centile) and the HV said this may mean she is slower rolling and sitting as her torso is harder to move and her balance is less. I've been told by many to count my blessings as the longer they stay still the better for your valuables lol x
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