12 month old suddenly hating bath time

Hi there just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything similar, my daughter has always loved the bath so much so she would cry when took out of it, a few days ago we put her in the bath and she was just hysterical and climbed out and now refuses to be put in she clings on like a little monkey and if we do manage to get her in she is inconsolabelreal tears and hysterical?!?!? What the hell is going on any ideas??

Thanks x


  • does she have a sore bum? or and little grazes or cuts that are pretty much unnoticable?

    i find if pie has a sore bum or even the tiniest graze/cut (friction burns on the knees from crawling too fast when she escapes from a bum change lol etc) she howls the place down as it stings when the water touches for a minute.

    could it maybe something like that?
  • New bath bubbles, that sting?

    Has she slipped?

    Sore tummy?

    New bath toys that she isn't sure of?

    Too hot? Not the water temp but is she maybe feeling hot and then getting into the warm water???

    Is she better if you get in with her?

    I am sure it is just a phase...Emilia can sometimes be a bit ratty at bath time is she is too tired??

  • Hi,

    My Lo done this exact same thing, there was no reason she just decided to hate it!

    I got really good advice from here and it was to run the bath and just let her stand in the bathroom, don't try and put in her just let her stand in bathroom while it runs.

    Slowly start to play with the water, I used to line her ducks up along the side and push them in, let her join in if/when she wants.

    Let her take it at her own pace, With N the first time we done this she wanted to sit on the side of the bath with feet in so we let her just do this. (left nappy on which seemed to keep her calm too??) OH got in bath to show her it was fine too so she was pushing the ducks at him.

    It took as about 2 weeks of slow and steady bathtimes to get her used to it again.

    Unfortunatley at about 17 months she began to be the same so I repeated this and she is now 23 months and love sit again!!

    (I'll see if I can find link to the advice I got too)


    Link to my old post with advice: http://www.babyexpert.com/community/forums/thread/1064651
  • I know A hasn't been feeling too well lately - could it be anything to do with that??

  • Definatly no cuts or anything and the water was definatly not too hot or cold no sore bum either,

    Ive tried running a bath with her in the room and also getting in it myself with all her toys and bubbles she will watch me and come over for a look and stand and play but will not get in not even with husband or me?!?

    Minnie i was thinking it might be linked to her being ill,

    guess i will just have to keep trying to tempt her back in.

    Thanks x
  • DD had this problem when she hit 12 months, she was hysterical in the bath, climbing out of the bath and clinging to be sobbing it was heartbreaking, I kept putting her into the bath and hubby and I tried swapping a lot but she was still the same and in the last few weeks she has started loving the bath again, I took her in, we chatted the entire time while undressing her and getting her into the bath, I have bought her a new bath toy and she now loves the bath again, she splashes and throws things and really enjoys herself again, so all I can tell you is that it is a phase and it will pass xxx
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