What is wrong with my baby!

Milly (now 4 weeks) has always been a sicky baby and she's tricky to settle after a feed. When she was a week old she got a cold, which made her VERY sicky (having to vommit up all the gunk and mucus that got swallowed) but she's over that now, and things have got a lot worse.

She is still difficult to settle after a breastfeed, but after formula she goes mental, she can easilly scream for an hour - it's much worse if we lie her down flat (like at night - when I want her to get back into her cot!)

She has bad eczema on her face, which gets worse after a feed (again - worse after formula)

Her eyes are quite gunky, and seem to stream a lot (again, worse after a feed).

she can vommit like the girl in the exorcist. Sometimes she just spits out a mouthful of milk, other times it's full-on projectile (there is vommit on the walls in her nursery!) it can varry from looking just like milk to being thick gunky stuff (which looks a lot like cottage cheese!) which smells bad.

Anyway - I have managed to get a Dr's appointment for later on today - but I have been googling (always a bad idea) and there is some quite scary stuff on there. SO I thought a good dose of common sense (from you lovely ladies) might be in order!


A very tired and sleep deprived mummy.



  • Ahh bless you.

    I am afraid I can't offer any useful advice - except speak to the DR today.

    A whole lot of little things can make it all seem so massive and upsetting.

    I'm sure if you and the doctor can go through each individual problem, before you know it she will be all sorted.

    Google is sooo naughty - it totally scares you I know.

    Big hugs - you are doing great xxx
  • It might sound obvious, but to you think it could be colic? DD started this at 2 weeks and it has only just started to settle now at 9 weeks (sorry). Screaming for an hour is sadly usual and i really really feel for you because there is not much that you can do other than just try and sooth them as much as possible. Try lying her across your legs on her tummy and gently rub her back, also a warm bath might help to sooth her.

    I think the cottage cheese sick is a sign that her digestive system is developing, I also noticed this at about a similar time its not good as you dont expect it to smell that bad, DD usually waited until she was in her chair and then vomited all over herself and the chair - lots of baths were got through.

    Finally do you think she could still be mucusy after her cold? We thought that DD had finally shaken hers after 3 weeks but again this morning she was full of snot - could also explain the vomiting.

    Is she still having plenty of we nappies? If not then she may be getting dehydrated from all the vomiting - but your gp will be able to help you with that a bit more this afternoon.

    Sending you lots of hugs xx
  • double post - stupid bx!
  • Sounds to me like milk allergy tbh hun. I would take her to docs and see what they say but from what you're describing I'd say milk allergy.

  • Thanks everyone.

    I did think colic - but I have tried colic drops / anti-colic bottles and the different positions, and they did NOTHING at all.

    A milk allergy was one of the things that Google suggested, but as she is mainly breastfed (although it's worse after formula) I (or google) didn't think that was likely?

    The internet said that for a milk allergy, the only cure is hypo-allergenic milk, so would that mean I have to stop breastfeeding?

    Sorry for all the questions. It's such a minefield.

  • just a quicky as i have to log off but my DS2 had what you describe and it turned out to be reflux. Keep us updated on Dr. xx
  • V quick as I hear grumblings from the nursery - sounds a lot like reflux ... breast milk easier to digest and lying down is agony for them xx
  • hi nikki, my ds was milk intolerant (eczema, vomiting inc the smelly curdled variety, solid tummy, green poo, screaming in pain etc)..still is...i mix fed him from 3 weeks until he was 7 months, so no, u don't have to give up bf, but u will need to cut out all dairy in ur diet, and replace with soya (not just lactose free as that stil contains the cows milk protein...if it is that then the sooner it's diagnosed the better, we were fobbed off by gps and hvs with reflux/colic until he was 4 months when he started losing weight and our new gp prescribed a soya milk for him for his ff (and i cut out dairy), and overnight practically he was a different baby....obviously, it may not be an intolerance, as annoyingly alot of the symptoms are similar to reflux and colic,so could well be one of them. xx
  • Have you tried colief it maybe that she is having trouble breaking down the lactose in the foremilk? They were suggested by our HV and they helped a lot, hope you get a useful diagnosis at the dr's.
  • Hey hon,

    It could be a number of things, probably best for a doctor to diagnose, try not to worry about it. It might be that you need to change her formula? or does she suffer from bad trapped wind? or it could be reflux...

    My baby boy (now 24 weeks) used to projectile vomit after every feed up until he was about 12 weeks old. His problem was trapped wind as he was bottle fed. We have been using Infacol ever since and it worked a treat. I do feel for you because i found it really stressful. Especially given that it used to take me so long to get 3 ozs in him and then he just used to puke it up.

    Try not to worry yourself and good luck at the doctors xx
  • I second what wowbabies said regarding continuing breastfeeding and cutting out dairy. However, a milk allergy is different to lactose intolerance. As some of the other ladies said though it could be reflux, but you mentioned that her eczema gets worse after a feed which suggests to me more likely milk allergy.

    Here's a link to a website with info on both milk allergy and lactose intolerance:


  • Thanks girls.

    It is all so confusing isn't it? The GP was lovely - he spent ages playing with Milly, and said that she's obviously thriving and doing really well developmentally so he's not concerned from that point of view, but we do need to get to the bottom of things quickly, since she seems in pain and it's affecting her sleep.

    He said it could be colic or reflux, but it seems that there is definately something in the formula that isn't agreeing with her. He said we should try a couple of different brands - but just for a couple of feeds (if there is an improvment, we'll see it quickly) and if things are no better in a couple of days we should go back, and talk about what to try next.

    He also said to try mixing infacol in the milk, rather than giving it in a dropper first - has anyone else tried that?
  • I second that it sounds pretty likely it's a cows milk (dairy) protein intolerence and a high pecentage of babies that have this also suffer from reflux/silent reflux. As others have said you don't have to stop BF, but cutting out diary from your diet will help as will using a formula cows milk free. You can buy soy based ones at boots/supermarkets, but be careful - a high proportion of babies who have cows milk intolorence are also intolerent to soy. I would ask the GP for a trial of a hypoallergenic milk like nurtimagen/neocate (neocate tastes foul so try other first if you can). You could also buy some infant gaviscon over the counter or ask GP to prescribe it, can use this BF or FF, it may help with the reflux.

    Have a look at the message board/forum on www.littlerefluxers.co.uk

    I only know all this from the numerous probs my LO had - altho he was non responsive. I think the clue about the excema should've made your GP suspicious about a CMPI. Personally I've found Dr's will call probs with small babies as 'colic' - AKA a 5 letter word for 'I don't know'.

    hope that helps, good luck!
  • Sorry I've only just seen your post, I hope you got on ok with the doctor. I've ebf my son who has milk and soya intolerance for 6 months, and have now moved him onto Aptamil Pepti. It is hard work, and you have to eat like you have an allergy (even the little hidden bits of milk in food), and you have to ensure you get your calcium from other sources, but it can be done.

    Good luck and hope she settles soon x
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