cot bumpers

Just a quick question about what age it's recommended to use a cot bumper from. I've moved my 19wk old into her cot but haven't added the bumper yet. She's woken a couple of times by banging her head on the side. x


  • I believe it's a year, if you're following guidelines. I don't know why they make them for cribs and cots, then say don't use them! :roll:

    As a personal choice I have always used crib and cot bumpers. It is to do with air circulating, and obviously suffocation. I never had a problem. xx
  • Hi

    We currently have a normal one but looking to get an Airwrap bumper, I haven't properly looked at them yet as only just been recommended them but maybe google and see?

  • just had a look at the air wrap bumpers - they look great! Really good reviews! Think I will get them for my two. xxx
  • Thanks for the replies. I think I'll have a look at the air wrap bumper too x
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