How far would you travel.... a baby group?

I am starting Baby Sensory classes in the DT1-DT9 postcodes in Dorset. I can't wait to get started although very nervous at the same time.

My question is how far would you be willing to travel for a baby group. I want as many people as possible to have the chance to come along but am unsure of where to launch my classes.

Personally I would not drive for more than 20-30 minutes but I would love to hear what you all think.



  • Up to 45 minutes. But I live in the sticks so I'm used to it, I'm 25 minutes away from a decent-sized supermarket, so may not be representative of more urban vixens.
  • Well if we go anywhere out of Lincoln, I find it takes 2 hours!! haha. It is like the black hole of Calcutta!

    But, to a local (ish) baby group, I'd travel 20-30 minutes max xx
  • I think it depends on if you're urban or rural, and how many groups etc there are in the local area. I live on the outskirts of Birmingham at the moment and I walk to everything, except for Gymboree which is a 10 minute drive away. We have two Sure Start centres within walking distance of my house and a leisure centre so there is a lot going on.

    But we're thinking of moving out of Birmingham about 30 minutes drive from where we live now, and I think I'd still drive to go to my existing groups.

    Are you thinking of offering a free taster session for all new people? That's a great way of getting them interested.
  • And it also probably depends on the social demographic of the area. If it is a well off area you'll find that more people will own cars and be able to travel to somewhere out of the way. If it's not so well off check that you're near public transport links.
  • I've travelled as far as 25 mins and that's about it. Although I do know some ladies who came to my baby sensory class and drove almost an hour. (They thought it was a good opportunity to get the kids to sleep)
  • I wouldnt travel anywhere more than 20 mins x
  • That's soooo exciting!! I would say 20 mins but live quite central to Mcr so am a bit spoilt with things being close!

  • It depends on how old baby is - when I started Aila was about 10 weeks and still had horrific colic so didn't want to travel more than 5-10 minutes, now I'd happily do a 30-40 minute journey for a class.

    Good luck - Aila looooves Baby Sensory (and so do I!)
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