help with tt electric pump

hi ladies, also in bf chat, but thought wouyld get more views here. i was expressing and trying to do various otherthings and inevitably dropped the bloody thing, now i can't turn the motor on! any ideas how to fix it? i haven't got the receipt so can't take it back etc, and expressing was going really well too, so i'm totally gutted, can't afford to buy a new one, and even if i sent it away for repair etc would prob take an age to get it please. x


  • Try taking it back anyway - just don't mention that you dropped it. Boots always took my Medela Swing back when it broke (it broke a LOT!) and I don't think I ever had the recipt! xxx
  • thanks, i will try, but got it in tesco and my local tesco are proper arsey, they won't take back non tesco products without receipt...i bought some speakers last year, but they weren't what OH wanted so took them back and they wouldn't accept them without receipt saying i could've got them anywhere, but will give it ago. gutted as i've only pumped off half of phoebe's 'bed time' feed, and can't get to tesco til tomorrow now (and thats if i get lucky and they exchange it) ...been looking on the web for spares/repairs and can't find anything....thanks again x
  • Try taking it back to Mothercare, I know it's naughty but they'll be reimbursed by TT just the same as Tesco would be. They'll probably just exchange it for another one.

    I had a nightmare with baby monitors and Mothercare were brilliant at exchanging without receipts. I did actually buy them from Mothercare, but they wouldn't have known if I didn't!

    B x
  • does the barcodes not vary from shop to shop?
  • barcode will be the same - you could also contact tt directly I know people have had sterilisers replaced by them directly
  • panic over lol...just tried it again, and mysteriously it's come back to life woohoo!

    good to know about barcodes, will bare that in mind in future...ta v much ladies x
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