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tutti bambini customer service?

has anybody had any experience with these? i oredered a new cotbed for DD and recieved it last friday (7th). the guys brought box into flat and put it against the wall in passage. we've been at work since so went to put it up today, found a massive 'tear/crack' in the box and the polysterene inside and when we've put the cot up there's a massive crack in one of the bars and the top rail of the cot :cry: you can see from the state of the box (the side they put against the wall!) that something really heavy has been on top of it. so now poor DD will have to sleep in travel cot and my ??200 cotbed is of noo use :x

tutti bambini aren't open til monday but i was just wondering what their customer service is like? i've googled the company they use for deliveries and they have terrible reviews :cry:


  • Sorry to confirm your fears but we had terrible service from them. We ordered our full nursery set from them and they agreed delivery a week before my due date (eek!). I called them a week before that to give them my new number and they then told me that not everything was in stock and delivery may be delayed by 2 months. We came to a compromise and agreed partial delivery before due date and the rest ASAP. When the cotbed arrived, like yours, it was damaged. We called to request a new one and they advised they could arrange this but they couldn't guarantee it wouldn't be damaged too......

    We demanded a refund, which they did organise, however they would not organise a courier especially to collect the damaged items so we had to wait until they were "in the area" which was another month and we had to wait until then for the refund.

    I will never ever get anything from them again.
  • Ah b*****s! :x

    Hopefully you just had a crap person dealing with your problem (I know there are a fair few of those in the complaints dept I work on! Lol). Think I may be quite forceful with the complaint then if this is how they treat people!

    Thanks for letting me know Hun. Sorry you had to go through that though!
  • I had the same experience. The guys who check the items and pack do not do the basics right.

    I had returned the initial cotbed as it was faulty. I was promised that I would get replacement by 08/10/2012. The item was dispatched on 8th. I was fine with that at that time as my baby was due on 21/10/2012. Well my baby was born on 11th and the cotbed arrived on 12th. I was still fine as my wife was at hospital. She got discharged and on arrival at home we found the wrong cotbed was sent. I was promised the bed would be delivered on the first floor to my bedroom as I have a bad back but the delivery guy was not insured so he left the bed in the hallway. I contacted your office immediately on 15/10/2012. I was made to send pictures which I promptly did even with my busy schedule. The packing guys should have checked the item as promised to me by the customer services. The order label on the box clearly states Vanilla Oak and the Box was for Natural. Only someone very careless can make such a silly mistake.I was promised next day replacement and collection as my baby was already born. We were eagerly waiting for the bed to arrive the next day. I called your office in the afternoon was told it would be with me by 6.00 pm. The item never arrived and so the collection too never happened and I ended up having a large box in my hallway.

    The bed finally came today after 2 days that too after 6.00 PM. Meanwhile we had 2 visits by midwives who were not happy that my newborn baby did not have her own bed and said it was highly unsafe. There was further surpirse instore. On opening the Box I found the same bed which I had returned the first time. I could recognise it as it had a ball missing on one of the side panels and the other panel ball does not move freely. The order details sticker on the box says that it had to be checked as your customer service as promised but the warehouse guys were not bothered to do that it seems.

    I had decided to go for Tutti Bambini after my friend highly recommended it but I am very disappointed with the packaging, quality checks and delivery service to tuttil bambini. Your customer service is very helpful. The only good thing I found in the entire process. Only complaint was with one of them who was helpful but needed pictures and proof of the problem each time. My word was not enough. I have spend so much time and enerygy in my very busy schedule to get a quality bed for my newborn.

  • Hi, We also ordered from tutti bambini rio nursery set. It was AWFUL. Each piece had several faults with it. The worse was the cotbed were the slats on the bottem were cracked and the side rails had cracks in the wood where little fingers could get in. The wood was dented and  all the pieces were filthy. The changing cabinet smelt heavily of chemicals.After 2 months this did not lessen, anything placed in it also smelt heavily and had to be thrown away. The wardrobe was badly scratched and the the men putting it up had to paint over the scuffs with a different colour paint. This was all 2 weeks before I was due. I was devastated. We had several heated discussion with tutti bambini customer services which resulted in the head of customer services going to inspect the cot they were going to send us and coming back to tell us there entire shipment of cots was not suitable to be sent out  to us as all had faults!! We reported them to trading standards as their products are not safe for babies. We were very disappointed and got a complete refund. I know have a range from another well know company which was the same price but such good quality.

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