FAO michmummy2grace

Can you email me again with your address? I am SO sorry for the delay, finally got my shizzle together and have a night nappy plus wraps for you to try on Grace but on a new laptop and have lost the email with your address.


If anyone is FB friends with her etc can you tell her I'm looking for her. Thanks!!


  • hey, I've just text her for you x
  • hey hun thanks so much but I decided to bite the bullet and go for it at night times so have already bought bits and bobs- I'm still going with disposables during the day but the night time nappy problem is well and truly solved image Reuseables at night officially rock !! x
  • Yay, glad to hear that! Sorry I was rubbish, we've spent the last month or so reorganising the house and I"ve been unable to find ANYTHING!

    What are you using?
  • No worries christmas time is always manic enough as it is lol!! I'm using Wee notions Night notions x
  • GOOD CHOICE! I love night notions. Suzanne and Margaret are so lovely to deal with too.
  • Totally G/Cing but are some reusables more absorbant than disposables? My DD (7 months)is always soaked my morning and often wakes during the night wet. We've tried all sorts of disposables but never even seen a reusable

    Thanks for any help anyone can give xx
  • Hell yes. I had to use disposables for a few nights when my washer was on the fritz and every morning he woke up soaked through his sleepsuit and sleeping bag! Never had a leak with a cloth nappy, they cope with his night wee just fine!
  • What I did was start by buying a fleece extra absorbant reusable booster (about 3.50 so cheap) and trying that inside disposables once that started getting us through without a nappy change (used to wake at 5 am fresh nappy and straight back down) I was sold image
  • Thank you both. I know i'm a pain but have no idea about reusables so where do you but yours from and what do you recommend?

    Thank you image
  • This si what I got to start with


    (actually only ??3) and put this inside my disposables (Boots superdry)

    This is from Wee notions http://weenotions.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=318_270

    but they are custom made so understandably take a while to be made and delivered where as the booster came quickly.

    I just washed the boosters (I have 2) each day - might be worth trying that first as a trial x
  • If you don't object to the notion, you could pick some up more cheaply second hand - I use the Babycentre cloth nappy group and the preloved nappy buy and sell board and there are bargains to be had.

    Tell you what, whack me your address and i'll send you the little kit I put together for MM2G! You can try it out and if it's not for you then you can just send it back to me!
  • Maenad that is so generous of you, thank you. I will message you my address now.

    Thanks to both of you for the help - Dry nights for Freya soon i hope!!
  • I'm a sucker for the name Freya, it's my daughter's name!
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