Car seat newborn insert

Does anyone know if there is a age or weight recommendation for when to remove the newborn insert from the infant car seat. We have the maxi cosi cabriofix .

YC x


  • Not to sure tbh hun but with my ds1's britax rf/ff seat it was 5kg. I've also got the cabriofix so I'll be interested to see the replies.

  • I removed it when my little girl was looking quite squashed in it, which was at about 11 weeks. She's a big girly though so that was probably earlier than normal.

    I think it says in the book of words that 4/5 months is recommended but we wouldn't have been able to keep her in it that long; she's 4 months and her feet are over the end already x
  • I have the maxicosi pebble by the way.
  • It says 4 to 5 months on the website but my little girl is 11 weeks & far too squished in it but I found out you can remove the wedge cushion and leave the head support bit in as she still needs it. She's a very long baby though.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Lo is 13 weeks tomorrow and starting to look a little snug with the insert in, but its good to know whats recommended.

    YC x
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