Cradle Cap

ds2 is 18 weeks, and had cradle cap since birth pretty much.

I have had him in at the doctors after using vaseline, olive oil, dentinox shampoo, soft brush....etc.

The doctor prescribed Clotrimazole cream (anti-fungal skin treatment) - smells delightful!! image

Anyway... 1 month on and it hasn't done a thing. We still persevered with olive oil, and stopped bathing the top of his head completely.

But the cradle cap is still there!

Anyone have any recommendations? It doesn't bother him, but at 4 months, it is starting to bother me because it is so obvious some days :? xxx


  • my son had cradle cap quite badly and the only way i could get it off was by doing this....

    15minutes before his bath i would massage olive oil into his scalp (make sure it is covered) then when he was in the bath i got a nit comb (the nitty gritty nit comb is by far the best-its metal and looks scary but if you are gentle it doesnt hurt) really slowly and as close to the scalp as possible start to comb the hair and you will find all the cradle cap comes away! it is gross and i had to keep cleaning the comb as it was smothered in dead skin! ewwww! but after 10 minutes of gentle combing it was completely gone! it was incredible really considering he had had it for so long and i had been using all the shampoos!

    good luck let me know if it works for you!
  • Thank you!! I'm off to Boots to buy a nit comb!!! xx
  • how did you get on with the nit comb? is your ds now cradle cap free? x
  • I didn't get chance to stop in at Boots today!! But, off to the post office tomorrow so will drop in to Boots at the same time. xx
  • I did exactly the same trick on my daughter a few years ago and it worked a treat. I found it very theraputic image My 18 ds has it now but we're part of an ecszma study so not allowed to put anything on his skin for the first 6 months but as soon as he hits 26 weeks the olive oil and nit comb is coming out!!!
  • Did you comb against the hair or with the hair?

    Got the comb so attempting it tonight!

    Did it ever come back once you had done it btw? xx
  • yes against the hair, so start at the forehead and hold the comb at an angle (45degrees to scalp or less) if its really bad you might want to do it in 2 stages as most will come off but you might need more oil to get the skin that was hiding underneath the top layer (iykwim) ewwww its pretty yuk but i really enjoyed the satisfaction of getting rid of it all in one hit! x
  • Ahh ok then!!

    Not looking forward to it! He is such a jiffle bug I have a feeling he will kick off!! lol

    Thanks hun - will let you know how we get on after bathtime!! xx
  • did he manage to lay still long enough for you to attack the cradle cap? x
  • I tried, but he moved around so much, I was completely petrified of taking a chunk out of his head!!!

    We did get quite a bit though, and already looks lots better!! image image

    Does it have to be bathtime?

    I'm thinking if I do it before bath with a little bowl of water, whilst he is watching his big brother?! haha! xx
  • doesnt have to be bathtime, i just found it less messy, but i do remember doing it when my son was sitting in his highchair and distracted with some finger food! (i think your ds might be too young) but certainly if he is being entertained and then you can get stuck right in!!!
  • Just want to say thank you for posting this.

    My wee man has cradle cap that i just cant seem to get rid of despite leaving olive oil on his scalp overnight and using various shampoos but im gonna give the nitty gritty comb a try....went to boots and bought the last one in the shop image

    Tyler is a wee wriggler as well so not sure how easy it will be, gonna give it a go though!!

  • doh....think be ate my reply (apologies if this now turns into a double post)

    basically wanted to say thank you for posting about this, my lo has cradle cap and i just cant get rid either. ive tried various shampoos and leaving olive oil on his scalp over night....boy does he stink the next morning lol!!

    i bought one of the combs you were talking about to see if that gets rid!! he is a wee wriggler though so not sure how successful it will be lol!!

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