Bags under eyes

Well, they're always under mine! But the last couple of days I have noticed LO has bags under her eyes. She is getting plenty of sleep but a couple of weeks ago I moved her on to follow on milk. Do you think it's possible she is deficient in a vitamin that perhaps is now not in / less of in her formula and that I'm not giving her enough of?

Any ideas? Oh, and she seems well in herself.

K x


  • I think my daughter, like me, is destined to forever look like she hasn't slept! She sleeps well at night but not so much in the day now so somedays looks dreadful.

    I hadn't considered it being a vitamin deficiency or anything, no idea if that's possible? Have you googled?

  • my mum had bags under her eyes and dark shadowing and me and my sister have it too and my son has also developed it and he sleeps for 12 hours a night 3 so it can't be lack of sleep!!

    I just put it down to genes x
  • I remember from a loooong time ago, someone on TV saying although it is enhanced by tiredness, bags under eyes are genetic!

    Thanks Mum!!!!! image
  • :lol:

    Lucky little girl, eh?! Jeez, what with my permanently stuffed up noise and the squint she has inherited from hubby, she is truly blessed!

    Thought I might have been reading a bit too much into it!
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