6mth+ guidelines, buggys, when did you start?

When did you start using the buggy or part of travel system with a 6mth plus guideline? Lo is 3mths and hates laying flat in her pram and gets aggitated in carseat attachmen. Is it dangerous to use buggy part early?


  • I started using ours at about 5 1/2 months but DD was managing to sit for short periods unaided. I have to say I would wait until he can sit with minimal support at least.

    Has she got any toys on her pram? I found that Aila got boredin her pram but I then bought her a Tiny Love musical mobile so she had something to look at and she started to get better in her pram.
  • Our pram has 3 settings - flat, upright (for older baby) and somewhere in the middle of lying at an angle so they can see out. We first put my son at that angle when he was about 13 weeks as he was getting grumpy sometimes and liked to look around. We started off only doing it for a few mins at a time and always putting it flat again when he nodded off. He's now 3 and never had any problems with it. T is almost 12 weeks and she's the same wanting to nosy around so yesterday I put the pram up for her when we went into town and she spent a good 10 mins having a nosy around and she was loving it till she fell asleep.

    Tbh I think its the same as anything else theres warnings about - be sensible about it. Our pram at least puts lo at a similar angle to being in a car seat and the guidelines on car seats are 2 hours so I figure 10 mins at a time can't hurt and I'll carry on doing it
  • We have a P&Ts, so it is either lie flat, or in the second seat at about 45 degree angle.

    Ds2 is 19 weeks tomorrow and we moved him into the second seat at 17 weeks.

    He seems to prefer it! Can see lots more and has not kicked off when tired, just dropped off.

    I am careful not to leave him in it too long as I don't want his neck to become tired.

    But I am paranoid!! :lol: x
  • We have an icandy peach which you can recline so they're lying quite back, and I put Sophie in hers at just before 4 months. She sits up well when supported though and when I recline it she just tries to sit up properly in it anyway.

    She's also outgrown her carrycot for the pram as she's a really long baby anyway, so along with her showing signs of wanting to see around more, we thought it was the best thing for her. xx
  • i started my baby in her buggy at about 5 months as we were travelling in a plane and only the stroller section of the pram is collapsable so had to get her in it early. no probs though as i have a babystyle oyster and it reclines. i wouldn't worry about the guidelines too much as they seem to change ALL The time. image
  • i think they are not advised as they should be lying flat, our LO outgrew his carrycot at 12 weeks and we didnt like him in the carseat if we were out for longer than a quick trip so used it from quite early on x
  • We used ours from about 4 months. The harness made sure she was very secure and wasn't lolling about x
  • My dd started sitting for short periods unaided at 20 weeks, so I started proping her then, as she was trying to pull herself into a sitting position anyway. We have a Pliko and there are about three or four different positions, so she was not bolt upright until 6 months.
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