For anyone who has had a catholic baptism

Can you tell me what you donated to the priest? Or if you had C of E and are nosing the thread how much did you pay? We have booked ours but no idea what we should donate. Thank you ladies!


  • think we gave ??30 ish
  • We gave ??50. And invited him to the lunch at the church hall after where he promptly ate a considerable amount more!
  • Thanks ladies, our priest refuses to discuss money but never actually says not to worry. Awkward!
  • we gave ???????50 / about ??35/40??
  • We have booked for our 2 together late March and the form stated that it was "cutomary to make a donation of $100" (ie ??65) which is per child. I personally think a donation should be whatever you are able to donate and it shouldnt be a set amount cos that is a fee! Hey ho.

  • I would give as much as you can comfortably. I gave a lot for our weding because i could afford it and i looked at my donation as subsidising those who wouldnt be able to pay much. You could give a pound or ??1000, the priest would be grateful.

    For me, giving ??35, i think would be mean because i can afford more but for someone else that would be a lot. I think the important thing is that people can get their children baptised even if they have no money to spare but that means that some people would pay a lot more to compensate.
  • We gave ??50 each for our girls but its up to yourself. xxx
  • I think between ??30 - ??50 is adequate as a good gesture, i cant get out of mass these days without my purse being emptied there are always collection for this and that!lol

    are you giving the godparents gifts?

    and im trying to find a unisex gown for cheap have you seen any?
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