It's DD's first day at nursery today, although she's done some settling in sessions, I'm not back at work so she's there all day.

At home she usually has breakfast at 8am, lunch at 12 noon and tea at 5pm. I don't give her snacks, but she has milk at 10.30 and 2.30.

At nursery, she will have breakfast at 8, lunch at 11.30 and tea at 3.30. They also have snacks at 10 and 2. 3.30pm seems very early for tea, but I understand that they have a lot of mum's who want to pick up early. But that means going 3.30pm to 8am without food (although she has milk at 6.30pm and 7am).

I was thinking of giving her something when she gets home, do any of you give a snack before bed? I guess she will be eating more than at home anyway with the snacks they give her, so I don't want to overfeed her, but it does seem a long time to go! We'll be getting home at about 5.30pm hopefully.


  • that does seem very early, i would definitely offer some supper, maybe a slice of toast or a yoghurt, i know if i ate my tea at 3.30 then i would wake up starving in the middle of the night!!!
  • Yes my nursery does something similar.

    Breakfast 8am

    Lunch 11.30pm

    Tea 4.00pm

    LO isn't there yet but I had thought to give her some egg or beans on toast or fruit/cheese when she gets home otherwise she'll be v. hungry.
  • My ds nursery also has tea at 3:30 but it is a very light tea, normally a sandwich and fruit etc. He is hungery again when we get home and still has tea with us at 5:30.
  • After waking nearly every night my hv actually suggested supper. Dd has her dinner at 5pm then about half 6 she has a whole weetabix & a bottle & goes to be around 7/half past.
  • I gave her a yogurt when we got home at 5 yesterday and she slept through, so hopefully that's ok!
  • JJ has a bowl of porridge after nursery as they have their main meal at 11.30am and just sandwiches at 4pm so he's starving when he gets home lol x
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