Can anybody give me the low-down on the bcg (against TB) vaccination?

We are offered it before 13 weeks as East London is considered a high risk area. LO is now 8 weeks so I need to make a decision.

But I'm not sure of the reasons why its not a general vaccination anymore, not fr babies or at 15/16 years when I had it?


  • TB is so rare now I suppose. Lo was given his as soon as he was born as oh is from Kenya and it is a high risk country. It didn't even leave a mark and he was fine. I would get it if it is offered.
  • we were given it at birth as hubbys dad lives in goa, so as he visits we are classed as high risk, if you are from an area with lots of migration or have family memebers that live in at risk countires you are classed as higher risk and offered the jab, our little on has a scar from it but that just shows that its worked well, i had it yonks ago at 15 but i dont think the do it anymore, you can have it privately for about ??40 if you dont want to make the decision before then x
  • hi, im in west london (hillingdon) and we have been offered the bcg vaccine too. we have until 6 weeks to decide, and the jab has to be given by 12months.

    as far as i know, its only 'high risk' areas that are now offered the bcg, but i dont know why it is only done in babys now. i was born in hillingdon and like you had it at age 15. my hubby was born in ealing and had it as a baby. i guess they have just standadised it now or something???

    we are having the jab done, and our lo is booked in for when he is 6 weeks
  • We got it in my area (Manchester). HV said that TB in infants under 1 was on the increase so they decided to vaccinate them in high risk areas rather than risk waiting.

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