Sleeping in Pram

Hello, was hoping for some advice as a first time mum-to-be in a couple of weeks!

We have a moses basket in the bedroom, that I was planning on lugging up and down stairs to baby could sleep in the front room during the day, but am just setting up the pram and wondered whether baby could sleep in this during the day? We have a Switch 2-1, so would I need to put a mattressing in when at home?

Any advice appreciated!

Thanks, Elf x


  • I don't have any advice but I adore the switch 2 in 1!

    Is it easy to push and are you happy with it? I really want to order but need to wait a little longer!xx
  • im using the carrycot from my pram for baby to sleep in downstairs during the day as its more convenient its a carseat that lies flat so doesnt come with mattress and is comfy enough not to need one but i have added a sheepskin liner for a bit more comfortable you can buy mattresses though for next to nothing to put in pram and maybe better as if baby is sick its going to go on sheet on mattress and not in pram
  • Sounds like a good idea - we have no stairs but often lo would be asleep so oh had to carefully carry her to the bedroom in her moses basket (I'd had a cs so wouldn't have been able to do it and negotiate through doors etc lol) - fortunately she was in a cot at 6 weeks as she was such a fidget! lol
  • Hi. We have the Switch 2-in-1 and LO used to happily sleep in it during the day. She's in a cot now but when we've been for a walk and she's still asleep when we get home she will carry on sleeping in it which is very handy! xx
  • Thanks everyone, I tried the mattress from the moses basket in it last night, so think I will get an extra one just for added comfort.

    MrsMafiaPrincess - I haven't had much chance to play with it yet, it's being hiding at my mums until now, but will hopefully be able to let you know in a couple of weeks!

    Elf x
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