DS is getting his first two teeth. They have broken through his gums, I can feel them and they are sticking up a couple of mm's. They have been like this for 2 weeks and still the full tooth hasn't come up.

Any advice on how long it will take? I've got a very grumpy boy at moment!


  • This is going to be no help at all, it takes as long as it takes, I'm afraid. I think a few weeks is quite normal. xx
  • Once Olly's broke through they pushed up within about a week or so. However, it too weeks for them to cut through and that was when he was the most grumpy with his. The bottom 2 came through about a month ago and now they are clear to see. I think we are now getting the top 2, can clearly see them under the gums and very bumpy so I have a boy now that will hardly take anything from his bottle image Teething sucks lol!!
  • once the first bits of DD's teeth were poking through it took about a week for each one to be fully through the gum. Once the full edge had cut through she was ok, it was just that bit when she went from one corner through to the whole edge through that made her grumpy!
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