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My DS is 6 months old (will be 7 months on 5th Feb). He's always been brilliant sleeper and slept through from very early on (around 8 weeks). He had a bad couple of nights when we moved him into his big cot at the beginning of December, but since then he's been fine, and sleeping through no problem until 8 - 8.45am.

However the past couple of nights he has started waking again. The first night it was at 12.30 and he was wide awake in his cot & didn't drop back off unti l.45am. Last night he stirred at 12.15, then woke up at 1.45 and didn't settle until 3.15, then he woke again at 4.15, 4.30, 5 and 6.30am.... he then slept until 9.45...

Can anyone shed any light on the possible reason for this? He's on 3 meals a day, plus bottles. He has ben showing teething signs for weeks now, but nothing has come through....



  • Hi could be a number of reasons. I would tend to think teething when James had disrupted sleep. The problem is obviously the teeth seem to do a fair bit of moving around, before they even show any sign of coming through.

    Could be a growth spurt, just unsettling him. Or that he has recently learnt something new, and his little brain is processing it all. Unfortunately babies do this in their sleep, and it can unsettle them a bit.

    With luck, the chances are it's a phase and will pass. xx
  • Same has happened to one of my two.Last night he was up every half hour as well as between 2 and 4.Makes him grumpy the next day. Just don'tknow what to try!

  • He's been very grumpy today, due to the lack of sleep!

    He had an absolute crazy half an hour at 8pm - screaming, crying, going hot and red and nothing would console him, so hubby had to take him out in the car.

    Gave him some calpol before bed and he's now asleep so hoping he stays that way til the morning!! xx
  • I'd say its teething. Olly went through same thing for a few weeks bepofre his bottom teeth came through and is doing the same again and I can see his top 2 teeth now. Hoping it won't take as long for those to come through. He also seems to kick alot during his sleep, just seems generally unsettled during the night, kicking and then waking up 2-3 times image
  • We had a much better night last night with him. He had calpol before bed, and he woke 3 times before midnight, just a little cry, but he was then fine all through the night and woke at 8.30 image

    He seems brighter in himself today. Had 2 soft-ish nappies this morning though, so I'm guessing it could be teething xx
  • Hi, alot of the mummies on our born in July 2010 group have been/going through similar - I think 5-6 months many have been driving us nuts with constant waking to play/babble/roll etc. I'm with Mithical - a number of reasons - I think their little brains are so busy developing and processing all the new things they can do they just find it difficult to sleep.

    My boy is finally sleeping better (he's never really slept through), we get 7.30-3 or 4 mostly, then he wakes for a bit (sometimes small fed) and will settle himself after 30mins-1hr. I just leave him unless he cries in the hope that he learns night time IS NOT play time!!! (certainly not for mummy anyways!)

    Hopefully it will pass! saying that my poor friend has a 9 month old that wakes loads in the night!! image
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