FAO those who go to baby sensory

I just wondered what you think of the class. How much do you pay and is it worth it? What kind of things do you do? How many babies in a class. Any other info would be good. I'm trying to find something for me and ds to do but not sure what at the moment.


  • We really enjoy ours (LO is 9 months and we've been going since she was about 4 months). We pay ??6 for each 40 min session. Each session has a bit of a theme and the teacher has lots of activities, things to look at, songs and there's a bit of signing as well. It's all guided and ends up being quite fast paced so the LOs don't get bored. I think there's maybe about 15 mums and babies that go to ours x
  • I've only been to one session, ours is free at one of the local children's centres. Ours is more of an open house type group rather than class, but we really enjoyied it image It has lots of different types of lights and soothing music, not sure if this is the same as what you're thinking of though?

  • MrsRainbow - is that a sensory room? If it is, I would LOVE to take LO to one of those (and I can't believe they are free!) but I'm in Scotland and (as far as I know) they don't have Sure Start centres here image
  • We've been going for a couple of terms and it's great. We pay ??6.20 a class. There's songs where the babies have bells or maracas or something, and the leaders uses lots of things like balloons, light shows, bubbles etc which the babies love. We also have about 15 mins in the middle in the "sensory area" which is just free play with lots of textures, toys, glove puppets etc (and it's a good chance to chat!)

    Would definitely recommend it!
  • hi, so do you pay per session or pay for a block?
  • You can pay as you go at mine or buy a block of 10 which I think works out slightly cheaper x
  • We have to pay by the term. I guess it depends on the instructor
  • Our sure start has a free one too you have to book and it is 7 babies at a time xx
  • I think it depends on the instructor - our class was awful, a real waste of money - I paid for a 'trial session' and then wasn't sure so paid for another two but people were leaving left right and centre - I think the other ones locally are meant to be brilliant but the lady who had taken over the one closest to us was quite new and took far too long between each activity explaining what to do so the babies got bored/cried/wanted fed etc then the activities were all stuff you could easily do at home ie very basic nursery rhymes etc, we had no free play or really what I would have called sensory play either.

    Worth getting a trial session if you can!
  • hi ya,

    i go to the same class as rainbow, and was really impressed with and its FREE! definately have a look around and see if you can find one by you, my ds is only 6 weeks old and slept most of the time we were there (I had a good time though) but im sure if hes awake next week then he will enjoy it x
  • MrsRainbow - is that a sensory room? If it is, I would LOVE to take LO to one of those (and I can't believe they are free!) but I'm in Scotland and (as far as I know) they don't have Sure Start centres here

    Yes it's a sensory room at a local family centre, do you have family/children's centres?

  • We go every week to a local class and its ??4 for 30 mins or if you block book 10 sessions it is ??36. I find it a bit pricey BUT my dd loves it and it is worth it. The lady that runs the group alternates the songs/activities each week and she does have some brilliant stuff. As for number of babies it depends, usually ranges from about 6 to 12. I know the lady who runs it makes sure she doesnt have too many babies per class, and as she runs a few over the whole week she lets you know where she has the most space before you join and then just keeps you as a regular for that class. Hope that makes sense!! lol
  • Personally I would skip it. We paid almost ??60 for 10 sessions with Lin Day herself. It was okay but I found an hour was too long and we didn't get as much out of it as I thought we would.

    I have found the locally run Rhyme Times etc (at the library etc) just as good for 50p.
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