Inconsolable crying at mealtimes....

Some of you may have seen my previous post about tantrums at mealtimes but we have now moved on ...! LO is 14 mths and has over last month developed tantrums by pushing things off her highchair, crying etc etc. She does like her food and it is not that she doesn;t like what I give her as she mostly does eat it eventually. However now we have moved on to horrendous crying . She asks to go in highchair, once in and strapped in the crying will start maybe when i attempt to put bib on. I can sometimes calm her down with toys and sometimes nothing will calm her and I have to take her out of highchair, sit her on my lap and calm her down. Today she was literally sobbing which is breaking my heart and took ages to calm down. I took her in the lounge and then she ate a whole banana whilst walking round the room watching ceebies. So - any ideas about what could be wrong...:

Teeth - 2 are now through so may have been but can't be all the time ?

Feeding herself - yes she does get frustrated sometimes and can feed herself but she will be spoon fed when she is distracted.

Bored ? maybe ?

Highchair issue ? (although unsure as climbs up to get in it herself)

I am at a loss....any ideas.... she has had 2 complete meltdowns on monday dinner time and she is at nursery on mondays so not sure if this is a link. She screamed when i tried to leave her in lounge after dinner as well so maybe fretful from nursery ?

Thanks in advance....




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