Camping with baby and toddler

Has anyone done this? What do I need?

I'm going camping for the May bank holiday weekend and doing a 7 mile charity walk as part of it. Charlie will be 7.5 months and Abby 2.5 years. Do they need special sleeping bags, cots etc?

H xx


  • Loads. You will have a great time.

    DD has a special children's outdoor sleeping bag, and they do them for babies too, we'll be getting one for DS. Will get DH to advise when he's home tonight, he works for an outdoor retailer. Household sleeping bags will probably not be warm enough, especially in May. Take lots of layers, extra blankets etc. Lots of carrier bags for nappies and rubbish to take home, helps keep the tent organised!

    We've taken a regular travel cot camping in our big tent, when DD was smaller. Then she just slept between us. DS will be over 1 by the time we head out this season so DH and I will split up, DD will share with DH and DS will stay with me, just on thick 4 season sleeping mats.

    What tent, kit etc have you got?

    DD was 2 here - and it's the first weekend in April! Check out our minimalist camping setup!

  • Thanks. Will look into buying children's sleeping bags. Did you find out which brands are good? Are those strange little travel cots worth the money?

    I was planning for Charlie to sleep between myself and my best friend with Abby sharing a tent with my OH. Does that sound ok to you?

    H xx

    PS love the pic, must remember to add some of my own after the big event.
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