How much water?

We started weaning 2 weeks ago and I read that we need to 'offer' water with each meal which we do, but how much should she be drinking? Luckily she loves water! xxx


  • we never restricted how much water DS could have and just followed his lead x x

    sorry that wasnt much help x x
  • I offer her sips every few mouthfuls and then let her have as much as she likes at the end of the meal (she can use the beaker by herself).
  • Hi hun,

    How old is your lo? Just asking cos I've just been to see a consultant about dd and her not drinking enough. He told me to start weaning asap and she's 5 months.

    At the time i asked about water and he said at this age and up to 6 months, you should only be offering milk and not water.

    I give dd baby rice or puree and i sometimes mix the milk in with it and then have the rest of the bottle on the side and encourage her to have some afterwards so she isn't too thirst after eating.

    I have asked the same question of my hv and she has said the same thing.

    I hope this is of some help x
  • My lo is 8 months and probably has around 3oz most days and maybe 5oz on a "thirsty" day - but she does still have 3 bottles of milk a day too x
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