Britax evolva plus 113 car seat

Has anyone got any opinions/ thoughts on the britax evolva 123 plus car seat? Ds is 9 months and still in his maxicosi pebble but it wont be long before his head's popping over the top now. We've got the maxicosi priorifix for my car but I'm going back to work in a couple of weeks and he will be with my mum or oh on Saturdays so we need to get a spare second seat. I don't want to skimp on safety but ideally want to get something financially economical so the idea of spare seat to last us through seems fab

Thanks for any opinions x


  • We have one for MIL's car, which we're happy with, although it obviously doesn't get a lot of use. I chose it after recommendations on here, and plan to get another for ds for our car soon - he's 2.5 and has a Priorifix, but we also have a 7 month old, who will be ready for the next stage seat before he'll be ready for a high-backed booster (he's nowhere near the minimum weight), so we're thinking give her the Priorifix and get him a 9mth-11 seat, so he'll get more use out of it.

    Just to point out, I'm not thinking of putting my 7 month old forward facing, I'm planning to keep her in the Cabriofix as long as possible, and she's only 16lb now so should be a good while yet - but I am thinking ahead to the next stage as we got MIL's seat for ??100 when they usually retail for ??150, so I want to keep my eye out for another bargain!

    Maybe try posting in Toddler for some more opinions - I think a few over there have this seat.

    (PS I assume you mean the Evolva 123 Plus?)
  • Thanks hun, yeah meant the evolva plus 123- tried changing the title hence my blank post, stupid phone!

    They're ??100 in toys r us at the moment and have them in stock in our local store so that's why I'm thinking about doing it sooner rather than later x
  • Thanks for that tip - toy r us for us this weekend then!
  • Thanks for that, have reserved one to and collect.

    Glad to be able to share sunflower xx
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