How much milk?

Can you tell me how much and type of milk your babies get every day, how old they are and how much they weigh? Charlie's been worked out a volume by his doctor based on his weight but he struggles to keep it all down (it's meant to be 2.5oz per pound). We're going to GOSH tomorrow for an outpatients appointment and I know milk is going to be a big discussion topic so I would like to go with info about real babies and not just the "guidelines". Charlie can't regulate his intake because it goes down the tube so what do babies that can choose drink each day? For obvious reasons I need volumes from babies that are not on solids as well.


Weight - 8.2 kg (18lb 2oz)

Age - 22 weeks

Volume of milk - 30oz (he should be on 45oz!!)

Type - EBM and Enfamil AR


H xx


  • our wee one is 6 months and on solids, she currently weighs 17lb7oz and takes between 20 and 28 oz a day with her meals or after them.

    HOWEVER, before her weaning (and this is probably more helpful to you!) she never ever took the 2.5oz per lb she was meant to take, not ever. She was about 16lb when we started weaning so should have been on at least 35oz per day - she has never in her life taken more than 28-29oz in a day. Her weight gain has been fine, she is slightly lower than her birth line but only by about 10 percent, and she has maintained that - not all babies actually need to 2.5 times per lb, so it's worth reassuring yourself with that too! xxx

    sorry - meant to say she's on Aptimal, before weaning it was Aptimal 1, and now it's Aptimal 3. xx
  • Daniel is 10 weeks and was on cow and gate hungry baby and having 6 feeds in 24 hours of between 6oz and 8oz and last Thursday he weighed 12lb 15oz. He is suspected milk intolerant and since yesterday has been on wysoy so not taking as much. If I followed the silly guidelines Daniel should be having 32oz but he was actually having on average 42oz in 24 hours. I think doctors put far too much emphasis on guidelines tbh as each baby is different. You know your own child hun.

  • Hi- I also agree that the guidelines are rubbish, every baby is different and you need to give them what they demand (obviously this is different in your case where he's being tube fed)

    My boy is 15 weeks, weighed 12lbs 12oz at 14 weeks and has about 25oz a day of Aptimal comfort (he had trouble keeping the 1st milk down) which is quite a bit less than the "guidelines" suggest. He also feeds very erratically, most of his feed being at night when he'll have 6oz bottles. In the day he will often only manage 2-3oz at a feed.
  • I have never known it worked out on weight. What baby could drink 45oz of milk a day - they'd be stuffed. My LO never drank more than 30oz a day and that was when she was going through a growth spurt around 5 months. Normally it was around 25oz.
  • Daniel has on average 42oz of milk in 24 hours, sometimes more or sometimes less. HV said he's on 50th centile so is an ideal weight, but because he poos so much and has had diarrhoea for the last 8 weeks she said he's always hungry cos it just comes straight out. He's now on wysoy and is pooing less and taking less milk each feed as well.

  • An exclusively breastfed baby will take around 25oz of milk per day, I can find you some pages that back this up if you wanted to use that as a jumping off point.

    Ethan was mostly breastfed, but even using his odd bottles as a guide he didn't take nearly as much as the 'guidelines' say. He is only now, at nearly 10 months, capable of drinking 7oz at a sitting, and this is very rare. Trust your instinct, if you think it's too much milk then see if he will settle with less.
  • Sophie's 19lb at 20 weeks and she has roughly 35oz a day, 5x 7oz bottles. Up until the other day she was having 6oz bottles but she suddenly decided she needed more.

    She's not on solids and is okay with this quantity. She leaves an oz or two over her daytime bottles then her last bottle of the day she has up to 9oz.

    She's on Aptamil 1 milk.

    Hope you get somewhere at GOSH and that you are all well.

    Kat xx
  • Again, my LO is on solids but she has never managed more than about 20oz in a day. She usually just takes 4oz (maybe 5oz if she is really hungry!) in a sitting. Sorry, that's not the exact stats you were after but just thought I'd let you know she is another one that was nowhere near the guidelines x
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