2nd time mums....

Did you conceive quicker with your second?

I had my little boy in July, and it took me 9 months to conceive, however I have been told that it never takes as long second time round. Is this the case?

I would like a 2 year age gap between my little man and our next, but my husband thinks we should start trying soon, but Im worried I would fall very quickly this time round.

Thanks D xxx


  • not much help really as ds was a surprise, but we conceived dd on month 2 ttc xx
  • I don't think there's any way to tell lovely, my mum conceived me after a year or two of trying, then gave up after nothing happened three years into trying for another...I think you just wait until you feel ready for it to happen straightaway if that's what happens! I am already worrying that it'll take me longer because I had such a traumatic C section, on top of already having endo, certainly not assuming it'll happen quicker this time! (although to be fair it happened immediately after my op this time, so couldn't be much quicker!)
  • I think its very personal - it took my mum much longer to conceive my sister (2nd child) but it took my aunty much less to get pg with her second.

  • We fell 1st month of ttc our second, 4th month with our first. We're all different and lots of things affect fertility, even down to the type of pill you've been taking (if that's applicable). Sorry I'm not more help xx
  • 1st month with first and 6mth with second! I guess you cant predict a womens body or a mans, especially when working as a team! X
  • Err....in a word YES!!! It is much easier!

    It took a year of trying on & off with my DD.

    I then got 'caught' when she was 12 weeks old AND I was on the pill - AND it was the first time we'd DTD!!!

    My midwife friend said she's see's it all the time cos it's so much easier to get pregnant the 2nd time as 'all your tubes are unblocked!!'.

    Wish someone had told me! LOL!!

  • I have heard example of both ends of the spectrum. I have two friends who conceived first month the first time but are now in their second YEAR of TTC number 2. For me it was the opposite - first time 6 months, second time 1 month!

    You can never predict it.
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