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Hi, Iv just found out im pregnant with baby number 2. Last summer i had lletz treatment for CIN3 and am worried that it may effect my pregnancy or labour?

I was just wondering if anyone on here has had the same, how was your labour and pregnancy?Iv read online that your cervix may not be able to dilate as of scaring?

Thanks x


  • hi there lovely, I had my first daughter 6 months ago and I had LLETZ for CIN3 too, about a year before falling pregnant. I had a few (well, several) episodes of very light bleeding/spotting in the pregnancy, starting from quite early on but they all checked out fine and were thought to be due to scarring on my cervix. My cervix was measured at certain points (around 17 and 20 weeks) at scans and was found to be within normal limits. I was told cervical length only tends to be an issue if you had a particularly large LLETZ treatment or a cone biopsy done. If you don't know what size of treatment you had, it would be worth you checking what size of treatment you had done/discussing scans to measure length with your GP or midwife, as in my experience it's not always picked up unless you mention it. In the unlikely event of an issue you can have a stitch put in but I am told this is quite rare after just one treatment. Make sure you get appropriate follow ups while pregnant too - I was due a follow up smear but they wouldn't do it in pregnancy so they did a colposcopy again at about 24 weeks and just looked - not much fun but reassuring. I then had my smear 3 months post partum when they felt the result would be fairly accurate, and all was normal image

    In labour it can go one of three ways - no effect at all, your cervix opens very fast/a bit early (I was told slightly early like a week or two before term) - OR it doesn't dilate. I was the latter - induced and after 4 days my cervix wasn't even quite a fingerwidth open. However, I was induced at term for other reasons due to baby's funny position! and possibly it had nothing to do with LLETZ and just that she didn't want to come out yet!
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