Can anyone help? Sleep related again!

This week(18 weeks old) LO has suddenly change his sleeping habits!!

He will go to bed at 7pm no problem, be DF at 10.30pm no problem then all of a sudden at 1am he will wake up! The first night he was up for 3 hours and then up every half an hour! The night after I had to get up 11 times and last night it was 6 times!! Always starting at 1am.

These are the things we have tried so far.

1. We checked if he was too hot - took off his sleeping bag.

2. Deifniteyl wasn't too cold!

3. Changed his nappy (we normally leave it till morning if it isn't bothering him.)

4. Used teething gel and calpol.

5. Checked to see if it was wind - but it didn't appear to be, none of the usual signs.

6. Tried giving him a bit of water.

7. Tried giving him his bottle even though it was a few hours earlier than normal.

8. Checked he wasn't snuffly still - gave nasal drops.

None of these made a difference at all! He wasn't screaming the whole time, just everytime we put him back in his cot. He has been in his cot since 6 weeks so it can't be anything to do with that. He naps fine in his cot too. PLus, on first night I was so tired I brought him in to our room and he still was the same.

GOing to ask HV today but my HV is pretty useless tbh. Anybody have any ideas of what it could be? Is this what they call the 4 month sleep regression? Anything we haven't tried that could be useful? oh LO has been on solids for a good few weeks - hadn't tried anything new before this happened. All foods he had been eating from the beginning (carrot, sweet potato and rice).


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